Month: February 2015

Huckleberry Roasters: Brewing Up Community Through Coffee

Huckleberry Roasters was founded in Denver, Colo. in 2011 by two friends simply known as Koan and Mark. They were acquaintances when they first met in 2006 at, you guessed it, a coffee shop. One was the barista, while the other was on the other side of the counter as a customer. The two bonded over their shared passions, which included music and all things coffee, and in 2011 they began roasting their own coffee beans. They believe that coffee shops create a special environment that inspires meaningful conversations and true communal interactions. It is this ethos that percolates through their work and is the desired effect of their creation. “We believe that a coffee shop can play a dynamic role in our communities—that enjoying a cup of coffee leads to creative inspiration and impactful experiences,” their website said. Huckleberry has two cafes in Denver, 2500 Larimer St. and 4301 Pecos St., the second is also home to their roasting room.