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Ask, and you shall receive: Tuscania, Italy.

I have been in Tuscania for a couple months now, and some days still feel like a dream. Every corner I come around holds a new vision of simple beauty and timeless dignity. Nestled in the Lazio region, between Rome and Tuscany, Tuscania s history dates back to the Etruscan era over 2000 years ago. The southern horizon is capped the town’s signature landmark, the Basilica of San Pietro. Dating back to the 9th century, its formidable appearance, looming on the hillside overlooking the valley, reveals little of its gorgeous and inviting interior. The heart of Tuscania is held within the medieval walls of the ancient city. A bounty of churches, homes, shops and caffes’ can be found “inside the walls.”

I often wander through the labyrinth of passages in the old part of town. My footsteps echo off the rough stones walls as I walk through pools of light from the street lamps, passing back into the shadows again. Brilliant sunlight washes over this place by day, giving way to equally serene nights. I declined to study in Rome, London and Barcelona, not for any lack of beauty or appeal, but because I yearned for tranquility and simplicity in the place I would study abroad. Sometimes the reality of a situation is a far cry from what you anticipated, for better or worse. Tuscania has exceeded my expectations, constantly offering me unknown pleasures. The people of this town couldn’t be any nicer to me. The town has welcomed me into its walls, and the people here have welcomed me in their homes. I was looking for a place where I would feel at home, and I got it. I admire them, and thank them for that.

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I am a multimedia journalist, traveling and searching for new insights into the the human condition and sharing the stories of the people I meet along the journey.

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