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Introduction: Gettin’ Gone.

Traveling has always offered me adventure, enlightenment, and a connection to the culture that I am visiting. I seek a bond with the people that make up the place I am in, and as a journalist I have made it my career to absorb and share these wonderful times through my writings and photography. To me, it is truly living to travel, share my life with other people around the world, give as much as I hope to receive, and come away with a deeper respect and understanding of our shared experience as people.

This shared human experience is portrayed through our daily lives, but the way that these common occurrences are lived out in such an array around the globe utterly fascinates me. Weddings, births, celebrations, gatherings, holidays and funerals are universal happenings in our lives, yet the manner in which different parts of the world partake in these events are anything but uniform. The variety I see around the world in the art of living is what invigorates me to travel and write and photograph and share and to repeat the process.

 I feel that traveling, on one hand, is a very personal endeavor in which I often find undiscovered parts of myself. On the other hand, traveling is a communal sport where I immerse myself in human interaction and observation, with a heightened sensitivity to everything around me. Traveling takes me to new parts of the world, and new parts of my own self.

 The best souvenirs  from my travels are usually minute details of a scene; vivid flashbacks of a personal moment that connects to a stream other memories. I can easily recall the yellow glow of the street lights on the rough, whitewashed walls of Bari, Italy or the the lapping waves of the Limmat river under my feet as I sat next to the water feeding the geese in Zurich.

A guideline in journalism is that people are more important than things. My stories from abroad involve friends I made along the way, their lives and the place they call home. This blog will be the venue where I can share these stories with you, making it our story.

The small details of an otherwise mundane event makes a lasting impression on me when I’m in a new or far-off land They tend to hold an elevated sense of purpose and importance to me. It brings our human connection to the forefront and let’s me realize the invisible, yet undeniable, bond we share as human beings.   

Traveling invigorate me in ways nothing else can. It reminds me that everyday life is a very special thing, with the same activities happening across the globe but in a huge variety of cultural ways. It shows me that our bond as humans is sewn through these common experiences and emotional expressions.

Traveling fosters understanding, respect and an enlightenment to the world we live in, and the life we are living. Cultures mingle, people come together, ideas exchanged, relations formed and ultimately different parts of the world come together through traveling. If that is not invigorating, then I’ll never know what is. It’s good to get gone.


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I am a multimedia journalist, traveling and searching for new insights into the the human condition and sharing the stories of the people I meet along the journey.

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